Buyer Representation

It is hard to buy commercial real estate.

We do it for a living.

Let us help you.

As your Buyer’s Representative, we specialize in acquiring and developing commercial property in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County & Cecil County.

If you are a small business that has identified a commercial property for sale or if your small business needs help identifying a commercial property for sale or finding land for development, we can help.

We are a team of working professionals with a diverse skill set for you to leverage.

Whether it’s a commercial office building for sale or a retail building for sale or an industrial building for sale or a medical office building for sale, CREative Solutions is here for you.

Beyond finding a commercial property for you to buy, we can help your small business efficiently structure the ownership of your commercial real estate. Given our background in structuring syndicated transactions for our own account at the Jabber Five Real Estate Group, we’re experienced and seasoned to help arrange and secure financing for your transaction and ensure a clear path to settlement.

Take advantage of our market intelligence, relationships and resources.

We understand that many small businesses are pre-occupied operating their business.

And, so our business, is helping your business acquire commercial real estate.

As your Buyer’s Representative, we take seriously our commitment to represent you and your small business in the space markets.

We treat your commercial property acquisition as if it was ours.

We listen deeply to understand your real estate needs and employ human capital and proprietary technology to achieve your goals.

Owning and operating commercial real estate is not easy.

We’ve found many small businesses are discouraged from even trying.

And, that’s the problem CREative Solutions is working to solve.

CREative Solutions is setup to empower your small business to participate in the ownership of the commercial space that you occupy.

Let’s work together to return ownership of commercial real estate back to the small businesses that occupy the physical properties.