Tenant Representation

CREative Solutions was founded in the principles of Tenant Representation.

However, CREative Solutions is challenging those same principles to not just represent you, the Tenant, with a fiduciary responsibility, but moreso to embark on a partnership that empowers you and your small business to participate in the ownership of the commercial real estate that you occupy.

As your Tenant Representative, we will exhaust all options to invest in a commercial building together where you can not only operate your small business, but also own a piece of the real estate!

Opportunities abound for local small businesses to obtain ownership through our innovation platform.

We will consult for free until we’ve earned your trust to represent you and your small business to identify commercial real estate investments in the local markets that we serve.

Adapting to the sharing economy, where we share cars, rooms, clothes, bikes, tools and more – CREative Solution’s mission is to share commercial real estate ownership between Landlords & Tenants.

Whether it’s a retail building for sale or lease, an office building for sale or lease, a medical building for sale or lease, an industrial building for sale or lease or land for development, we specialize in our local submarkets.

Commercial buildings located throughout Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County & Cecil County is our focus. Based on our experience owning and operating commercial, income-producing properties at the Jabber Five Real Estate Group, we have launched CREative Solutions to share our market knowledge, resources & relationships all in an effort to redefine the relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant.

To be sure, we can help you and your small business achieve your objectives with your current space or future space requirements even if your desired or resultant outcome is not ownership.

We have deep experience in securing leasehold interests that may be preferred or mandated for you and your small business. And, we can help structure the most advantageous terms given your short-term and long-term business plans.

As in any life or business decision, gathering all the facts and conditions with trusted and experienced partners is essential to produce a great outcome.

Owning a piece of the commercial real estate where you operate your small business may never have seemed possible… until now.

At CREative Solutions, our purpose is to represent your small business in exploring opportunities to own the commercial real estate where you work.

Let’s work together to make sure your small business is afforded the proper representation in the commercial real estate market where you make your living.